• 5 Ways To Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

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    Boyfriend jeans have been trendy for the last few years but we have found that a lot of women are hesitant to rock a pair because they are unsure how to style them. You have to be careful when wearing boyfriend jeans because they’re baggy and loose, boyfriend jeans can easily look very casual and sloppy. But styled correctly, they look amazingly chic!

    Here are 5 style tips on how to wear boyfriend jeans. 

    1. Pair with a graphic tee, booties and a chunky knit for a laid back look. 

    2. Pair with black stilettos, over sized bag and tee for a chic minimalist look. 

    3. Wear with a blazer, clutch and heels for an effortless going out look. 

    4. For a super casual look, pair with Converse and a crop top.

    5.Try out a denim on denim look. Tuck a chambray shirt into your boyfriend jeans.


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  • 5 Clever Gift Wrapping Idea For The Holidays!

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    1. Use an old shirt or fabric to wrap your gift!

    2. Spruce up an old paper bag with some glued on fabric and buttons or black ink and raffia!

    3. Use newspaper lying around the house! Your most likely going to throw it away anyways, why not give it another life before its off to the landfill! 

    P.S- Newspaper is perfect for making bows too!

    4. Print out crossword puzzles to wrap your present with. Tie or tape down a pen to your present. You have now given a game and a gift! 

    5. Use toilet paper rolls as a clever box by folding in the edges and adding decretive paper! 

     Well there you have it ladies! We hope these simple tricks help you create the illusion of craftiness this holiday season!



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  • Boot up in these faux leather beauties!

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    These tall faux leather boots have been flying off the shelf this month. Wear these boots with leggings and your favorite tunic!

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